The Smarter Side of International Calling Cards

Undoubtedly, VoIP technology has swept the way modern communication is being done. All thanks to internet technology whose growth has simultaneously helped the telecommunication industry to explore cheaper and efficient ways of staying connected to any part of the world. The prime beneficiaries of this developmental model have been end users and corporate companies.

VoIP communication is made possible via mainstream VoIP services and Calling Cards. Both these modes use VoIP technology to offer incredibly low call rates for long distance or international calls. Today, almost every business is leveraging the benefits of VoIP communication. Not only does it offer low calling rates, but also provides many advanced features which enables for a seamless calling experience.

Both modes of VoIP communication are popular among end users. However, based on the necessity one can opt either of the two modes. Following are the few instances where, calling cards can be handier and simple to use.

No Internet Connectivity Zones:

If you happen to visit places where there is no internet connectivity then it becomes a herculean task for you to make VoIP calls. That's when calling cards can be handy. It gives the same experience as that of a VoIP calling service, but requires you to pay and secure them. You can dial the desired destination number and continue making calls. It requires no internet connectivity.

For Not-So-Frequent Long Distance Calls:

In cases where you don't make long distance calls very often, international calling cards can be the best option. You can save a lot of money as depending upon your necessity you can secure a calling card that has pre-defined expiry date rather than going for a full-fledged VoIP service.

To Avoid Maintenance of VoIP Infrastructure:

For those who think securing necessary VoIP infrastructure and maintaining them could be a cumbersome affair, calling cards can be a treat for them. It absolutely requires no maintenance of any kind of VoIP infrastructure. However, in the longer run a complete VoIP set up is the safer and reliable option.

Easy-to-Use for All Age Groups:

Calling cards are simple and easy to use for all age groups. In the sense, one need not be tech-savvy to use this medium of communication. Everyone can enjoy making calls to their dear and loved ones with its use.

Contrastingly, all businesses make use of mainstream VoIP services as they find it increasingly easy to install and use for seamless VoIP communication.

Nagendran is a senior VoIP engineer at Voxvalley Technologies. His 5+ years of techno commercial expertise VoIP, SIP, Telecommunication, Application Design & Development, Telecom and mobile communication.

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