PCI DSS For Beginners

The expression, PCI Compliance, means the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This is a global directed program designed to protect the consumer from identity and financial information theft. If businesses are not a part of the program or do not comply with this standard, they could receive considerable fines or be banned from using payment card acceptance programs.

PCI DSS originated as five different security programs that consisted of Visa Card Information Security Program, MasterCard Site Data Protection, American Express Data Security Operating Policy, Discover Information and Compliance, and the JCB Data Security Program. The purpose was to build an additional layer of security by certifying the businesses that meet minimum levels of security when they process payment cards. In December of 2004, these companies merged their policies and created the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

The PCI DSS rules compel businesses that process debit and credit cards to carry out application reviews and install web application firewalls for the purpose of enhancing security. Once the business installs the security programs on their system they are accountable for ensuring that all the computer systems are protected and that they remain PCI compliant. As well, businesses must institute security policies such as not sharing passwords, not writing credit card numbers on paper, and safely disposing of transaction slips. These policies must be implemented before achieving PCI compliancy. PCI is frequently upgrading its systems' software and monitoring systems to deal with innovative hackers.

PCI compliancy impacts everyone who buys products with payment cards, or accepts payments with these cards. As of September 30, 2007, all businesses managing cardholder data have to be fully compliant with stringent security standards. PCI DSS provides two specific security rules to thwart breaches coming in from wireless networks. They monitor firewall segmentation between wireless networks and any network that may come in contact with financial information. The PCI DDS also carry out checks on the use of wireless analyzers to detect if there have been any unauthorized wireless devices used.

Completing the PCI compliance process can take one day or up to two weeks. It all depends on the threats found after a PCI scan and how long it takes to complete a self assessment questionnaire. The Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) is a document that businesses are required to complete every year and submit to their acquiring bank. It consists of a set of twelve security requirements sub-divided into 6 broader sections. Each section targets a specific area of security from the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The questions range from having current virus protection and firewall installed to restricting access to the client information. The process of PCI compliance is not recommended to try to complete on your own. It is highly recommended that a business acquires the services of a Quality Security Assessor and/or an experienced IT person. The mandated requirements for PCI compliance varies from the size of a company, their level of technology, and the threats that develop.

Identity theft and fraud can be traumatic for victims, not only financially, but also emotionally. PCI, when implemented and enforced properly will help to reduce the risks.

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Solid State Drive - How to Care for It

Solid State Drives are becoming the preferred choice for laptops, netbooks or even system drives in desktop computers. The reason is simple: speed, durability and silence. In comparison to standard hard disks, SSDs are faster, lighter, consume less energy and in theory should live longer. They base on flash memory, known from pendrives and memory cards used in digital cameras. This means there are no moving parts inside, which translates into less noise and longer lifespan. Unfortunately, there is a drawback: each flash memory block can be written a fixed number of times, after which it will die out. Therefore through normal usage, the SSD 'burns out itself' and at some point it will simply stop working. So it's a good idea to limit, the number of unneeded writes, as it will allow your drive to operate longer and your system faster.

Upgrade to Windows 7

Windows 7 is the only OS from Microsoft that supports TRIM commands, which allow the SSD to clean itself from deleted data. Windows does not truly delete files, but only marks them as deleted. When you write a new file, it's simply written 'on top' of previously deleted files. Flash drives require that a particular flash memory block needs to be purged, before it can be written again. TRIM commands take care of that and once you delete a file, the mechanism tells the drive which blocks to clear. Without TRIM, SSD would eventually fill every block and on attempt of writing a new file, it would have to clear it first and write new data. It slows the process down considerably. Of course on older systems it's still possible to perform TRIM by hand, using tools provided by the drive manufacturer, but it takes some time and effort.

Disable disk defragmenter

Both Windows Vista and 7 have built-in disk defragmentation tools, which automatically merges portions of data together, so access and search times on hard disks are faster. SSD can access each block with the same speed, so fragmentation causes no drop in performance. What is more, the process itself is about constant reads and writes so it literally kills your drive... slowly. If by mistake you perform one or two defragmentation passes, nothing drastic will happen. No worries there.

Disable search indexing service

Search index constantly monitors your drive for changes and indexes both files and their content. It decreases search times, but causes unnecessary writes. Disabling the service through 'Administrative Tools' will let your SSD live longer. Just remember, that standard search will function and there is little chance, you notice any decrease in performance. Unfortunately, Windows won't be able, to search inside your files, so the decision is yours.

Disable SuperPrefetch service

Service monitors your working habits and puts files used most frequently on the very beginning of the drive, where operation speeds are higher. SSD can operate with maximum performance on every block, so the service does nothing, but moving data around, which causes unneeded writes. It can be safely disabled via 'Administrative Tools'.

Disable hibernation

Hibernation creates a snapshot of your current system state on hard disk and turns of the computer. When you turn it back on, system will load much faster and everything would be just like you left it. SSDs however, are much faster, so boot times are almost equal to resuming from hibernation, so it's best to disable the feature. It can be done from an elevated command prompt by typing: powercfg -h off.

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Essential Oils In Handmade Cosmetics

In addition to pleasant odor, aethereal oils are able to provide your body with a burst of energy and positive emotions, amplify imagination and creative way of thinking, strengthen nerves and help to struggle against insomnia and depression. They play a leading part in the manufacture of cosmetics. The results of the research prove the fact that aethereal oils are very beneficial for human skin. Processes of restoration of skin cells and metabolism are performed under their influence. Oils regulate and stimulate our skin and delay the process of aging. They also promote the renewal of elastin and collagen and remove toxins. Because of all these reasons aethereal oils are so widely used in homemade cosmetics.

While choosing aethereal oils, it is necessary to take into account the type of skin: whether it is dry, oily or normal. It is very important, because any oil produces its own effect on your skin.

If your skin is colorless or pale, constantly inflamed and flaky, sensitive to sun rays, wind and cold it means that you have dry skin. Such skin is more exposed to appearance of small wrinkles. Such aethereal oils as lavender, chamomile, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, orange and myrtle are perfect for dry skin. They improve the processes of metabolism and skin regeneration.

Oily skin can be characterized by greasy pores with oily luster. For this type of skin application of such essential oils as rosemary, juniper, bergamot, lemon balm, lemon, grapefruit, clove, lavender, ginger, tea tree, patchouli and ylang-ylang are recommended. All these oils improve the condition of oily skin and narrow pores effectively. In order to improve the color of skin and to remove oily luster is recommended to use essential oils of cypress, rose, orange, peppermint, myrrh, neroli.

If your skin is flawless, beautiful and responds to the weather changes normally then it is normal skin. Such skin also demands delicate care. Essential oils of lemon, rose, rosemary, juniper, lavender, jasmine, bergamot, tea tree, sandalwood and ylang-ylang are recommended for this type of skin.

Our skin can have some peculiar problems and in order to remove them essential oils are also used.
  • Spots, uneven color, freckles and hyperpigmentation can be treated with the help of essential oils of lemon and grapefruit.
  • Greasy luster is recommended to be removed from skin with the help of cypress essential oil.
  • Aethereal oil of orange, rosewood and ylang-ylang will make your skin smooth.
  • Essential oils of juniper, bergamot, lemon and chamomile will help to struggle against comedones and clogged pores.
  • You can get rid of small wrinkles around the eyes with the help of essential oils of sandalwood, rose, limetta, neroli.
  • In order to reduce visible manifestations of blood vessels on the skin, you can use essential oils of lemon, mint, lavender, cypress, sage.
  • Essential oils of chamomile, rosewood, ylang-ylang and neroli will help to remove stress.
In skin care all the essential oils are used only in combination with other cosmetics such as lotions, creams, tonics and others.

Essential oils can also be used for hair treatment. Due to their healing properties, even damaged and dry hair will look healthy and beautiful. The most attractive thing in homemade cosmetics is that you can choose all the necessary ingredients by yourself. Beauty is an art so be creative and you will create a real masterpiece out of the usual ingredients. But before you are going to make a cream or facial mask you should learn all the properties of the aethereal oils you are going to use in order to avoid allergic reactions and to receive the maximum effect.

If you are a fan of handmade cosmetics as well as me, you may discover a lot of step-by-step recipes here http://wikitalks.com/category/articles/fashion-beauty/handmade-cosmetics/ I love to make handmade soap, scrub, bath geysers, loofah soap, kids soap, foot powder, shampoo etc.

What Is a QSA?

Since the formation of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards back in 2004, PCI DSS has setup its requirement for financial service providers and large merchants to use QSAs to carry out onsite assessments and to check on Compliance and security. QSA stands for Qualified Security Assessors; it is a designation awarded to individuals by the PCI Security Standards Council, whom it finds qualifying to execute consulting services and PCI assessments.

Recently, PCI DSS has expanded to take in its guidelines for training QSAs and some other advancement. Still QSAs and the services they provide do vary a lot. With assessors, the thoroughness, methodologies, technical skills and some other areas differ a lot.

The PCI DSS V2.0

The PCI DSS v2.0 released on 30th October includes number of classifications and further areas of guidance for assessments. The standard according to new version states that the first step of any PCI DSS assess is to describe the scope of assessment, by pointing out clear maps (locations and flows) of cardholder information within a system.

A lot of organizations are not aware about every single location where the card holder information is situated in their systems. A QSA must have understanding about application data handling, network architecture, operating system security, storage and database technology, and other business and IT functions in order to carry out those assessments.

Virtualization Technology

A new guidance has also been added in the PCI DSS v2.0 which is its grant of using virtualization technologies and how to assess them. As many organizations are looking to handle cost efficiencies savings through implementation of application and server virtualization, it is a must for the QSAs to know more about this technology and how it differs from the traditional server/client technologies they are using for assessment.

Through virtualization numerous server instances can be developed and run from a single physical system. This has been considered as non compliant by many QSAs in the past. PCI v2.0 Section 2.2.1 permits the use of virtualization; but makes it clear to run only one function on a single virtual server like one machine will run database services, while another will be used for running web services. So it is important for the QSAs to know about virtualization specific controls, virtual network segmentation and the IT controls which come in use with the virtualization platforms.

Choosing a QSA

Once you select a QSA, the relationship might develop into a long one. It is necessary for the organizations to look for a QSA that knows about the same technology that is needed to be audited. In order to hire a QSA, the companies must gather information about business requirements; develop a detailed interview about past experiences (of QSA) and must choose a time for onsite review and planning or meeting. Make sure that the individual QSA you spoke and work with for carrying out collection of data and assessment and who will eventually be coming onsite for managing assessment are the same.

The QSA firm will have great effects on your compliance and security for a long time. Making the right decision regarding QSA selection will turn out in great advantage for both fulfilling the PCI DSS Compliance requirements as well as making your security system for a longer period of time.

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How to Choose the Best Handbag for Everyday Use

Sometimes it doesn't really matter how enthusiastic or passionate you are about shopping. When it comes to making the right choice for your day-to-day accessories, you need to have a rational thinking. Choosing and buying a handbag for everyday use must fall into that rational decision model. It might turn out to be quite simple!

Utility and comfort

The first thing you have to bear in mind when choosing your everyday bag is its utility. Will I need it for work, for college or school? Do I have a lot of things to carry in it? Hence, the most important aspects when making this decision are the amount of items you need to place in it on a daily basis and, of course, where you are going at.

The utility and comfort are essential when choosing the bag's type. You'll be able to understand your needs, what's your 'comfort zone' and therefore you'll be happy with the decision for a long time.

For instance, a crossbody bag with help you maintain a straight position when walking, rather than a shoulder bag. A briefcase with small handles is desirable when you have a lot of files or folders to carry. Totes and hobo bags could also be a great option for work, for travel or even for leisure time.

The bag's size and your body-shape

Making the right bag buy also mean adapting its size to your own height or body shape. Have ever seen really small girls with extra-large bags? That's what I'm talking about. You have to choose a pick depending upon these facts. The most advantageous are the tall women; they can choose pretty much whatever.

But if you're like me, let's say rather medium to short, you might just want to choose a handbag that goes above your waist. This way, it won't make you seem over-stuffed. Also, a handbag with smaller handles would be suitable, if you are a plum-shaped woman; otherwise, you may look unevenly fat. If you are a thin lady, you'll be needing a bag that isn't too big, just as in the case of short women.

The bag's color and your outfit

This step is both simple and tricky. I'd tell you to go with dark tones or one-color bags: black is still the most used color and matches basically everything; brown is also a right choice, but you need to be careful when choosing the right tone.

Another great option would be grey, from light to dark, it really doesn't matter. But what's more important is to take a quick look into your closet. What do you see? Is it colorful? Do you find more office outfits than casual? No matter the occasion, the bag is chosen only after you've made your outfit pick.


When it comes for an everyday bag, quality comes first. Look for strong or thick materials such as leather or canvas to ensure whether it's appropriate or not to your needs. You may also want to check the lining: leather, nylon, vinyl or even wool are the best picks when it comes to durability.

Whether you choose the bag for yourself or for your friend, remember there are aspects you don't want to miss. I've only pointed out the most important ones, but depending upon them you could easily buy the bag that also fits your personality and style.

Considering the above day-to-day guide for picking the best handbag in tone with your outfit, I invite you to view some of the designer handbags collections I personally adore. Remember, choosing the right accessories to go along with your fashion outfit could mean another success story written down for you my dear fashionista!

Enjoy The Multiple Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy... have you heard about it before? No? Then I have a useful piece of information regarding aromatherapy. If you have fallen prey to some skin infection or mental disorder, you can take full advantage of this therapy. If you are suffering from insomnia, you feel depressed and lazy all day long just because you could not get a good night's sleep. Then here is good news for you in the form of aromatherapy.

What is aromatherapy? It is a technique by which you can cure your mental stress, depression and insomnia in addition to skin infections with the help of natural essential oils of herbs and shrubs which are devoid of chemicals and other impurities. These essential oils like rosemary oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, sandalwood oil, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, ylang-ylang oil, rose oil, eucalyptus oil; etc can provide you soothing experience.

It helps cure your sleeping problem by relaxing your body and mind. You can try a massage of essential oils and apply it on your body before you attempt to sleep. A thorough professional massage of your body with a mixture of essential oils can make you fall asleep, forgetting all the worries in your life. Moreover, you can take a refreshing bath before sleeping by adding a small amount of essential oils to your bath water. You will feel even better when you go to bed after such a relaxing bath. Warm water soothes your body, so it is highly recommended by medical experts that you relax your body by taking a lukewarm bath before sleeping.

You might think that this therapy is much too easy. But you cannot apply the techniques of this therapy with no preparation. It is not that simple, especially when you are suffering from acute illnesses like heart disease and lung disease. You need to have the assistance of an expert who can guide you in the right direction. Similarly, massage without the instruction of an expert may lead to muscle cramps. The working of your muscles is quite complex by nature and so you have to be careful while massaging your body.

In addition, if you are suffering from an allergy to certain scents, you have to keep it mind that it is quite possible that the fragrance of certain oils may disturb your senses even more or soothe you. So you have to use those oils which soothe rather than irritate you.

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Should I Get a Solid State Drive (SSD)?

Solid State Drives (SSD) is the new rage in the computing world. Promising better performance and quieter operation since there are no movable parts that first need to spin-up like normal hard disk drives. Currently, these promises are just dreams for most users since these drives still are expensive, and they cannot compete with the capacity of current Hard Disk Drives (HDD). The last few months have seen the prices drop and the capacities are slowly expanding, and 512GB SSD's is already available, although extremely expensive.

But why the rage? Getting a SSD's offer some nice advantages over normal HDD's. They are faster since no start-up is required and the operation is completely silent. They use less power than normal HDD's, thus giving laptop owners better battery performance. The lack of moving parts also make them more reliable and the dangers of irrecoverable data damage are lessened.

Currently there is a few unfortunate disadvantageous to SSD's. The first is price. Secondly, SSD's performance dropped visibly the more you use it, although this is more apparent in the earlier models. The reason for this is that they write data in large blocks, rather than bit by bit. Performance is severely crippled as the availability of free writable blocks decrease. The way SSD's handles deleted data aggravated this problem. Under Windows 7 blocks containing deleted data can be recovered with TRIM. A Trim command allows the operating system to clear these blocks for future use. Newer manufactured SSD's support the TRIM command. While writing large amounts of data, SSD's shine, but when writing smaller files performance drops significantly.

This begs the question: should I get a Solid State Disk? Currently, they are still too expensive to warrant buying one. They do offer certain advantages over normal HDD's, but not enough to defend the price premium. If you do not use Windows 7, or another operating system that supports TRIM, the performance will drop with use. Unless you are a technology junkie that must have the latest technology, wait for a few more years for this to mature. SSD's certainly is a viable technology, but it is just not ready for mainstream use yet.
SJP Babrevian

Easy Tips to Keep Your Yoga Mat As Clean As a Whistle

Cleaning your yoga mat is quite simple, but there are certain things that should be kept in mind if you want to get the best life from your mat. The most obvious thing is to read the manufacturer's instructions very carefully. This is of course common sense for any item of clothing since different materials require different approaches. The problem for some is that they lost the original washing instructions. The best course of action is to make use of non-abrasive cleaning methods.

Washing your yoga mat is very important. Hygiene is always a big concern and dirty mats give bacteria chance to grow. Furthermore, never share your mat. Sharing your mat with a sweating partner can result in an unwanted fungal or bacterial infection.

Using your mat on the floor, or outdoors cause it to become dirty. Also, some yoga sessions can lead to excessive sweating, which are absorbed by some yoga mats. Most people simply wash their yoga mats themselves and hang them in the sun to dry. Others prefer to send their mats to the dry cleaner. Most sticky mats are made of rubber and therefore, quite easy to clean. If it is slightly soiled, simply use a spray bottle and lightly damp your mat. Use a simple soapy solution of three cups of lukewarm water and four drops of dishwashing liquid.

Wipe the mat and let it dry thoroughly. For tougher stains, simply wash them with soapy water and a soft brush, similar to washing your car mats. Sometimes it may be necessary to soak the mat in a solution of warm water and mild soap. Just be careful. Do not use too much soap, since it can cause problems. Even if you thoroughly dry your yoga mat, using too much soap can cause an invisible residue that makes the yoga mat extremely slippery when you start perspiring. Rinse the mat well to remove soap and hang in the sun to dry. You can also roll your mat in a large towel and leave overnight before hanging to wind dry.

Some people claim that the following can be used instead of soap to clean your yoga mat: (1) mixing 2 cups of water and a teaspoon of baking soda, (2) hydrogen peroxide, (3) a few drops of tea tree oil with water and my favorite (4) a 1/2 teaspoon of Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap in a bowl of water. It smells great.

Cotton yoga mats can easily be cleaned by throwing it into the washing machine, or wash it by hand. When using a washing machine, remember to remove it before the spins cycle since this can damage the shape of certain mats. Furthermore, do not tumble-dry your cotton mats, since the heat can damage the fibers. Rather let it dry out naturally in the sun or wind.

Prevention is always better than cure. Carry a handy spray bottle and some wipes with you to class. A very effective all-natural mat cleaning spray can easily be made yourself. Add three drops of tea tree oil, two drops of peppermint oil, and two drops of lavender oil and mix it thoroughly with water in a spray bottle. After each workout, quickly spray your mat and wipe it down. Avoid using any wipes that are alcohol based, rather choose natural wipes.

Sometimes, not matter how well you look after your yoga mat, cleaning it is no longer feasible. It would simply be better to throw it out and buy yourself a new mat. These quick cleanings will decrease the need for heavy cleanings dramatically. Always consider the condition of your yoga mats carefully. At times it may be best to discard your mat and rather buy a new one.

With these tips, you can however make the best of your yoga mat and keep it in pristine condition for many months to come.
SJP Babrevian

Computer Bags - What's the Best For Your Laptop?

The computer bag industry is booming, with customers no longer having to stick to the standard black nylon carry case. Computer bags have now become a fashion statement, with an endless selection of style and design. Making the right choice is essential, to ensure a purchase that suits your lifestyle and travel needs and most of all keeps your precious lap-top safe.

Size Really Does Matter! 
When selecting your computer bag it's essential you get the right size as many of the latest designs don't cater for wide-screens. If you don't know your lap-top size, measure the screen diagonally, it should be between 10 and 20 inches. Once you've narrowed down the correct sized bag, also make sure there's enough space for your cables, files, adapters, pens, paper and phone. The last thing you want is another bag to house all your accessories!

Some tote style computer bags designed especially for women offer the ultimate handbag all-in-one. With luxurious leather in fashionable designs, they come equipped with a myriad of pockets and hidden compartments to house everything a woman needs.

Material Matters 
The cheapest computer bag on the market is a simple rubber lap-top sleeve that will only set you back around 20 bucks. But how easy these are to carry and how much protection they afford your precious laptop is another matter.

Traditionally computer bags were made from hard-wearing black nylon in a brief case style, which is still a brilliant way to carry your lap-top with plenty of space for accessories and protection for your computer.

Plastic hardshells are also now available in wonderful bright colors. These can be carried alone or placed inside your bag to prevent your lap-top from getting scratched. Hardshells are great for frequent flyers as they protect your computer from bumps and scratches and can also be securely locked.

Printed fabrics are a great fashion statement but be sure to check the quality and edge-stitching for durability. Finally leather provides a computer bag that is professional, fashionable and durable and will last you for decades. Make sure you check the quality and grain of the leather.

How Do You Travel? 
The final consideration when buying a computer bag is to make sure it suits your travel needs. Do you go to work by train everyday? If so, you'll need some padding for protection. If you travel by car, then you probably won't need such a padded bag. Are you a frequent flyer? Then opt for a hardshelled computer bag or padded backpack. Or if you walk a lot, a computer tote bag might be the latest fashion accessory but is it really going to be comfortable over one shoulder? A bag with adjustable padded straps might not look so hip but could save you painful backache! In the end, if you're still in doubt break out your laptop and look it up on the internet!

Nanowire Batteries - The Most Exciting Technological Advancement In Recent Years

For many years Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries were the only choice for users of cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices. Each Lithium-ion battery consists of two sides: the anode made of carbon, and the cathode made of metal-oxide. Charging the battery, causes lithium-ions to become positive and flow from the cathode to the anode, while an electronic circuit uses electrons to balance the charge. Discharging the battery reverses the whole process. These batteries have remained unchanged for many years.

The capacity of the battery is determined by the amount of lithium-ions that can be stored in the anode. Since anodes are currently created from carbon, the maximum capacity has been reached. Newer methods are being studied, and the most promising appears to be nanowire batteries. This research, led by Yi Cui, assistant professor, has shown that silicon has the ability to absorb ten times more energy than carbon. Unfortunately, silicon has the disadvantage of swelling dramatically when charged with energy. This creates a constant swelling and shrinking while being used. Eventually, this process causes the silicon to break.

A solution has been found by Yi Cui and his team. Making use of nanotechnology solves the problem. Creating very thin silicon wires called nanowires, turned out to be the solution. For some unknown reason, the nanowires can still expand and shrink, but they do not break like the silicon layers. Unfortunately, creating these ultra fine silicon wires are still extremely expensive. One of these wires is a thousand times thinner than a human hair. Luckily, as with all new technology, costs will drop with time.

The expected capacity of 10 times that of standard Lithium-Ion batteries have not been reached yet. So far, researchers were able to increase capacity four times. This is already excellent progress, and it shows a bright future for nanowire batteries. There is however, still one kink in the cable. The silicon wires offer a great improvement on the anode side of the battery. The cathode side still needs to be improved before the full capacity of silicon batteries can be achieved.

Those who will benefit the most are any user of an electronic device that currently uses Li-ion batteries; like iPods, laptops, cell phones, video cameras, digital cameras.  The advantages do not stop with electronic devices. Especially research in electric vehicles will find great support in nanowire technology. Patents have already been filed so we ought to see improvements in battery life really soon, maybe as soon as 2012. Although there is still a long way to go and a lot of work to be done, just thinking about the possibility of running a laptop from a battery for two days makes me giddy.

SJP Babrevian has been writing online articles for more than 3 years. He writes on various subjects. He also likes building small information websites on different subjects.

Proper Fasting

Fasting is commonly heard of today with the multitude of 'health' suggestions we hear, read and see being advertised. There usually is a dichotomous result during discussion though. People are either for or against it. Interestingly, there are many products online, in health food stores and usually in our friends and family's houses which can make coming to a knowledgeable conclusion difficult. Hopefully after you finish this article, you will be more able to fast healthily.

Studying the body, we know that the skin is the largest organ and second is the liver. The function of the liver is multifaceted but its largest task is detoxification. This is important to understand because it is not necessary to buy products, take supplements or flush anything out of the body with a particular substance. The liver has the ability to breakdown any and everything that enters the body. It can get overwhelmed like any other organ. So, for the liver to do an exceptional job at detoxifying our blood and tissues, the abstinence of ingesting food decreases its burden. When you buy any type of product to detox, understand that the liver is still the main laborer in the process of ridding the body of toxins. Nothing can take the primary position that the liver possesses in the body. The spleen and kidneys are also detoxifying organs but their function is not as abundant. The liver has already done some alterations and the kidney's responsibility is to extract the water soluble toxins from the bloodstream and eliminate them through the urine while the fat soluble toxins are excreted through feces. The spleen works to eliminate all cells from the blood which are not in optimal working fashion.

In addition, the amount of work that the digestive system does on a daily basis usually accumulates to the majority of the work in a day because the average American lives and works in a sedentary manner. There are studies that have suggested that digestion is directly related to aging. This would summarize that a person who eats multiple meals is aging each time they eat and the person who fasts regularly (no food in a 24 hour period) is resting their body and either suspending or reversing the aging process. When we eat, even if it is good quality food, we intake some toxins, we produce and absorb acid as well as the macro and micro nutrients from the food which activates work and storage in the body. This process of digestion and absorption is a process that produces an acidic nature in the body. This acidic phase is normal after absorbing acid but the body needs time to return to its alkalinic optimal working environment. Even eating alkaline foods requires acid to break down so the resultant state is that of an acidic nature for a period of time.

In conclusion, you can trust that there is no product that has a superior ability than the organ that was made to detoxify (liver). All of the elements on the periodic table are in the human body of course at varying amounts so the body has the ability to rid anything from it, given the time. When the chewing, swallowing, digestion, absorption and eliminating work being done by the digestive system is aborted for a day or a few days, the liver and other detoxifying organs can turn their full potential to their primary focus which is ridding unwanted toxins and byproducts so the body can concentrate on the 6 r's which are: repair, rejuvenate, remodel, renew and regenerate. If we rest (fast) our bodies, we will be decreasing the aging process, increase the optimization of its functioning and promote a healthy longevity.

Why IT Education Solutions Are Important

Technology affects all aspects of our lives nowadays, from the work we do right through to the way we do it. So much has changed in recent decades that generations at school today are far more adept at using these technological features than preceding age groups, and this trend is set to continue.

In education today, IT education is not only about teaching students and pupils what they need to learn to advance in the modern world, but is also about how various tools and techniques can help them learn more efficiently. Here are some of the main reasons why IT education solutions are so important.

Firstly, it is important to put in place an IT solution for schools as it can help students get the most out of learning. With many classes today utilising various devices and technologies to learn, ensuring that these are being used in the most efficient way possible to maximise the learning experience is very important.

Devices such as smart boards and tablets all have their role in the classroom, but being set up with right software and cloud computing options can make the difference between implementing new technology just for the sake of it - and often to great expense - and implementing it cost effectively and for maximum impact.

With more and more young people being extremely adept at using technology in the first place, having a solution that can meet their expectations can also make a huge difference for an educational institution. Whether primary, secondary or higher education, students can become more engaged in lessons where technology is used correctly and in an engaging, modern way.

The importance of great IT education solutions also rolls over into the independent research and leisure time of pupils or students at an educational institution. Although many devices used in the classroom can enhance learning, having great software and cloud computing options in place to facilitate independent study and research is extremely beneficial.

This can enhance learning in many ways and help the school meet its targets in many different areas of learning. Again, this can help encourage curiosity and motivation to learn for a technology-orientated generation.

The next way that IT education solutions are so important is for the impact that they have on teachers and other staff at school, improving their ways of working. Schools and educational institutions are busy, creative and constantly-evolving organisms, and any IT solution needs to be able to adapt along with the institution's changing needs.

Tools such as Google for Schools mean that not only can students take advantage of the benefits of technology in the classroom, but so can the staff. This can assist the ease of lesson preparation for teachers, coordination of lesson plans between teachers managing the same classrooms, and accurate records for attendance and pupil performance maintained by staff at the school.

Many modern cloud based tools are extremely collaborative and facilitate greater information sharing and record keeping. For institutions looking to improve efficiency in the workplace for the benefit of the institution as a whole - students, staff and results - then implementing these solutions can make a huge defense.

IT education solutions have a huge role to play in modern education, and finding a service provider that can deliver these can make all the difference for an institution. For schools looking to make a huge difference for their staff and their learns, time should be spent looking for a company that is dedicated to helping your institution take advantage of all that technology has to offer.

This could include new devices, a new IT infrastructure and the integration of cloud computing into the everyday lives of students and staff. As technology and innovation constantly moves forward, this can help any institution reap great rewards in the present and in the future.

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Are VoIP Telephone Systems Reliable?

Sometimes, business communications choices seem baffling; there are now so many different technologies available that it can often be difficult to know which is best for your organisation. One technology, in particular, continues to grow in popularity thanks to its reliability and cost effectiveness. This technology is VoIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, also called internet telephony. Early issues which impeded its implementation are a now a distant memory and VoIP is quickly becoming the industry standard. However, many business owners still have concerns over the reliability of VoIP and, as such, are hesitant to implement it within their organisation.

Using a computer-to-computer private network so there's no need for a traditional telephone system, VOIP offers businesses free, or low cost, but high performance voice and video calls with optimum security. VoIP telephone systems are also simple to use and manage. Although a decent internet connection is required, you may be surprised to know that the average uptime is above 99% and calls and data are very rarely dropped.

Installation of the equipment is quick, not as costly as fitting a traditional telephone system and a service provider normally assists the going live and programming of the system on day one and, thereafter, maintenance and costs are minimal.

VoIP telephone systems can either be owned outright or businesses can rent a hosted system. For hosted VoIP, it's imperative that you select a reputable service provider to maximise the service levels. Hosted VoIP telephone systems are generally better suited to SMEs, due to the per-user pricing structure. Additional benefits of hosted VoIP include all ongoing maintenance and support, which can be a huge money saver.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology is frequently adopted for a VoIP phone system. SIP directs calls from a client's PBX in the VoIP network to a traditional PSTN. Traditional phones can be used to make VoIP calls, with the addition of an analogue telephone adaptor (ATA). Data is transferred in packets using the IP (internet protocol). The system offers the same high levels of performance as with a pre-programmed SIP phone.

Security is a primary concern and, as with any IT network, care should be taken over firewalls, encryption and access levels, but VOIP also has its own software if encryption is not desirable.

If there is an interruption in the power supply the better VoIP providers have battery backup or call diversion options so that operations are unaffected and, if the server goes down, an inbuilt intercom feature will be maintained too.

These are the common key benefits of a VoIP telephone system:
  • Low call drop rate.
  • Performance and uptime is over 99%.
  • HD standard video conferencing.
  • Maximum performance levels for voice conference calls.
  • Extensions are easily to find and operate.
  • Voicemail with message notifications.
  • Call diverts to a pre-set quantity of alternative numbers before it defaults to voicemail.
  • Transcribed messages, from voicemail to e-mail.
  • Hold music.
  • Door access system incorporation.
  • Do not disturb function.
  • Call screening abilities.
  • Comprehensive activity reports.
  • Call recording meeting PCI DSS regulations.
  • Barge and whisper options for on call assistance and training.
  • Lower cost communications.
  • Optimised customer service through better communications.
  • Easy to expand, add additional lines and cloud technology.
Check how ready your business is to adopt VoIP, many users have found it to be easily to install, extremely reliable and superior to traditional copper wired telephony. Why not join them and enjoy the benefits?

For VoIP telephone systems in Birmingham and the West Midlands, contact Midland Networks today. 0800 849 8585

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