Looking for a Scapegoat

We're starting to see a new Meme from the increasingly embattled warmongers as the disaster on the Euphrates gets clearer and clearer.

Of course they cannot admit it is their fault, that the war they called for was obviously doomed from the beginning, so of course, like German generals after World war one the blame must lie elsewhere, the "Stab in the Back" theory has returned

From the USA Billmon Brings us some chilling quotes.

What evil, darkness of mind and absence of conscience, would drive a man to commit such an atrocity upon his fellow soldiers? Could it be possible that among the voices in Staff Sgt. Martinez’ head were those of Amnesty International, Senator Dick Durbin, and all the others who are publicly condemning America’s military by falsely accusing U.S. soldiers of crimes against humanity?
California Conservative
U.S. Soldier Kills His Superiors:
Casualties of Liberal Warfare?
June 18, 2005


The primary reason that Americans are losing heart in the war on terror is because the media is lying to them. The media's lies are lies of omission, gorging on the bad news while ignoring the good news. The effect has been to portray the war in Iraq as an unwinnable war that is costing more and more American lives. The left has contributed to the lies by constantly trying to compare the war in Iraq to the war in Vietnam . . . and by trumpeting every abuse by an American soldier as though it was the equivalent of the routine beheadings, assassinations and bombings of the terrorists.
Media Lies
The primary reason that Americans are losing heart
June 19, 2005


Let me tell you something, folks, if we are hit again, if we are hit again, we need to hold these people in our country who are undermining our efforts responsible. It ain't going to be the FBI's fault next time. It isn't going to be the CIA's fault next time. It isn't going to be some bureaucracy's fault next time. It's going to be the fault of politicians, left-wing groups and the like who have names and identities and spend their every waking moment trying to obstruct our ability to secure intelligence information for our own national security.
Rush Limbaugh
The Rush Limbaugh Show
June 14, 2005

So lets have a little Sonic's place competition to see which one of the "Decent" left websites is first to pick up this ball and run with it, will it be Squealer? Little Green Soccerballs? Or Ollie?

Or will it take a Nick Cohen article to get them going?

One thing is clear, as the occupation of Iraq winds down to it's inevitable defeat things are going to get even more nasty.

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