Basra Questions

The events in Basra have led to a whole raft of questions, and have turned into a boon for conspiracy theorists everywhere. For example

As usual we will have to wait a couple of days while everyone gets their stories straight, but if any reader can help me with the below that might help to clarify.

This is a screen capture of the kit taken by the Iraqi police from the British soldiers when they arrested them. Looking at it they have, a couple of rifles (undertandable ) Radios, large wire cutters (?) One bag of assorted cables (?) Large toolkit (could be for car) a single shot anti-tank missile (WTF is that for) Another toolkit and a mysterious box.

If any readers are more eagle eyed than me, or have inside knowledge of what is usually carried on ops of this kind please feel free to try and enlighten us all in the comments.

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