Essential Oils In Handmade Cosmetics

In addition to pleasant odor, aethereal oils are able to provide your body with a burst of energy and positive emotions, amplify imagination and creative way of thinking, strengthen nerves and help to struggle against insomnia and depression. They play a leading part in the manufacture of cosmetics. The results of the research prove the fact that aethereal oils are very beneficial for human skin. Processes of restoration of skin cells and metabolism are performed under their influence. Oils regulate and stimulate our skin and delay the process of aging. They also promote the renewal of elastin and collagen and remove toxins. Because of all these reasons aethereal oils are so widely used in homemade cosmetics.

While choosing aethereal oils, it is necessary to take into account the type of skin: whether it is dry, oily or normal. It is very important, because any oil produces its own effect on your skin.

If your skin is colorless or pale, constantly inflamed and flaky, sensitive to sun rays, wind and cold it means that you have dry skin. Such skin is more exposed to appearance of small wrinkles. Such aethereal oils as lavender, chamomile, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, orange and myrtle are perfect for dry skin. They improve the processes of metabolism and skin regeneration.

Oily skin can be characterized by greasy pores with oily luster. For this type of skin application of such essential oils as rosemary, juniper, bergamot, lemon balm, lemon, grapefruit, clove, lavender, ginger, tea tree, patchouli and ylang-ylang are recommended. All these oils improve the condition of oily skin and narrow pores effectively. In order to improve the color of skin and to remove oily luster is recommended to use essential oils of cypress, rose, orange, peppermint, myrrh, neroli.

If your skin is flawless, beautiful and responds to the weather changes normally then it is normal skin. Such skin also demands delicate care. Essential oils of lemon, rose, rosemary, juniper, lavender, jasmine, bergamot, tea tree, sandalwood and ylang-ylang are recommended for this type of skin.

Our skin can have some peculiar problems and in order to remove them essential oils are also used.
  • Spots, uneven color, freckles and hyperpigmentation can be treated with the help of essential oils of lemon and grapefruit.
  • Greasy luster is recommended to be removed from skin with the help of cypress essential oil.
  • Aethereal oil of orange, rosewood and ylang-ylang will make your skin smooth.
  • Essential oils of juniper, bergamot, lemon and chamomile will help to struggle against comedones and clogged pores.
  • You can get rid of small wrinkles around the eyes with the help of essential oils of sandalwood, rose, limetta, neroli.
  • In order to reduce visible manifestations of blood vessels on the skin, you can use essential oils of lemon, mint, lavender, cypress, sage.
  • Essential oils of chamomile, rosewood, ylang-ylang and neroli will help to remove stress.
In skin care all the essential oils are used only in combination with other cosmetics such as lotions, creams, tonics and others.

Essential oils can also be used for hair treatment. Due to their healing properties, even damaged and dry hair will look healthy and beautiful. The most attractive thing in homemade cosmetics is that you can choose all the necessary ingredients by yourself. Beauty is an art so be creative and you will create a real masterpiece out of the usual ingredients. But before you are going to make a cream or facial mask you should learn all the properties of the aethereal oils you are going to use in order to avoid allergic reactions and to receive the maximum effect.

If you are a fan of handmade cosmetics as well as me, you may discover a lot of step-by-step recipes here I love to make handmade soap, scrub, bath geysers, loofah soap, kids soap, foot powder, shampoo etc.

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